Sydney based Independent software consultant without overhead means you get personal advice and support that fits your budget. We follow standard Software development life cycle to deliver positive outcome for each project we undertake.

We can guide you every step of the way to:

Determine your needs, develop, test, and launch your online databases satisfactory to your needs.

Migrate an existing offline database (MS Excel, MS Access or even paper based) online securely so you or your company can view or modify database with secure login. 

Integrate an online portal with an existing database or ERP system.

Upgrade your existing online database to scale effectively, rectify data integrity problems or add new features or functionality

Benefits of online database:

  • Secure online database means its easy to use
  • Multi user access
  • Accessible via any browser
  • Secure user permissions set by you
  • Tablet and mobile access
  • Simple to upgrade and add new functionality
  • Tailored to your business objectives
  • After Launch Support´╗┐