I provided access database migration to ms sql server, data integration from web sites to access database, web development and various other services to On Call Locum Pty Ltd owned by Dr. David Scott while I was contracted for about a year.


On Call Locum(OCL) used a Microsoft Access based Roster management System that allowed OCL staffs to view doctors and nurses availability and Shifts available in various hospitals through out Australia. Based on doctor or nurses availability staffs then makes calls to see if they are interested to work. This was a tedious one directional service.

SWS built a web portal that pushed data from Access application to internet, registered doctors and nurses could check the shifts available by logging into web portal. SWS built web database function that allows doctor and nurses to accept/reject jobs online. The update in web portal is refected on MS ACCESS application used by OCL internal staffs in real time. This smarts that SWS built to automate OCL business processes saved lots of time to their job function.