Setting up a website for your business does not necessarily mean that you get more leads for your business. A good website needs a good SEO and carefully chosen content and keywords that is related to the business.

In terms of website development questions that you should ask yourself are

1. Is my website cross browser compliant?
You want a readable website to as wide an audience as possible. People can use any type of
browser to view your site e.g. you may use Internet Explorer (IE) which again has various
versions i.e. IE6, IE7, IE8 and so on and there is Firefox version and Safari versions,
Netscape version, google Crome, Iphone browser, HTC browser etc etc. your website should
have the ability to display in all those browsers so wide audience can read your site. Normally,
you would assume if you can see the webpage in your IE7 browser, the rest of the world can read it just
the same way as you do. You are WRONG.

2. Is my website Search Engine Friendly?
By having a website readable across all browsers is good but someone from e.g. South Yarra, VIC
won't know that your website exists. The only way they are going to find
out about you is via search engine such as google, yahoo, bing, AOL or any other famous
search engines. search engines are like a library that houses lots of books and your website is
like a book that gives information about your service. If your book doesn't exists in the library,
how are you going to get to the readers who want your service?

for search engines to index your site and show the result in the top of the search engine site you need the following:
1. A good metatags with appropriate keywords
2. Appropriate use of html markup scripts in your content
3. Quality keywords and content in your site
4. Sitemaps of your site
5. Crawler information i.e robots.txt which tells crawlers such as google, bing whether to index the site or not.

Selecting keywords and quality content is highly important when it comes to finding your website
in a search engine. There are various tools available that give you less competitive but
quality keywords. for example "plumber in melbourne" most be the well sought keyword for
most plumbers in melbourne, so most plumbers compete for this keyword in search engines to
be displayed their website on the top of google or any known search engines. They even setup google
adword campaign so their site gets displayed in "sponsored links" when someone searches with
keyword "Plumber in melbourne". So you know how keyword matters to your website. But not all
people type same keyword, they can type "cheap plumber around melbourne", "melbourne plumbers"
so on and so forth. You want to choose a less compititive keyword so your site ranks higher.